With online lessons we can fit around your busy schedule to make Thai lessons convenient to you, wherever and whenever you wish to learn.

We have 2 different types of teachers to help you reach your goals.

1. Qualified Teachers

All teachers are trained how to teach beginners with no prior knowledge of Thai and even students who are at an intermediate or advanced level. These teachers are able to explain the language in grammatical terms and help you to understand Thai better.

2. Thai Trainers

These local Thais are trained to help you with pronunciation and communicative style. Recommended for students who have prior knowledge of Thai and some conversational skills but require Thai people to practice with. It is also great to those who just travel to Thailand for the first time and want to learn Thai by phrases not grammar.


  1. Know your level and purpose of learning Thai
  2. Select your teacher (see OUR TEACHERS)
  3. Contact us for the FREE trial online lesson
  4. Download and set up a SKYPE account
  5. Arrange your learning time with us
  6. Make a payment for your first lesson.